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All the questionnaires on this site are in the public domain, and free to use. Questionnaire results do not mean that a problem is definitely present or absent; think of them as more of a guide only. The suggested thresholds are taken from research on questionnaires and again are for guidance only.

This is a repurposed site, first developed in 2004. Sponsorship was from the Health Foundation, and the site was built by staff at the Royal Manchester Childrens' Hospital. Only the questionnaires from the site remain here, and the interactive elements, flash player based stories, and information sheets are no more. The site will have a login in feature in time so people can save questionnaires.

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We don't collect any cookies on this site, and no personal information, such as addresses. If you login and register and want a password reminder, then leave your email address. Or enter a dummy email address if you like. If you use the questionnaires, the data collected to show your results does not contain any personal information.

To contact us, email admin at ru-ok.org.uk