Self-help introduction


Advising: Strengths

When we are very young, our discovery part is very curious. So much so that we need parents to advise, feed, support and keep us safe. They give us the resources to discover. As we get older we tell ourselves what we can and canít do; this is our advising self. Sometimes we set out to discover things, and follow our advisor. Sometimes are advisor has an advisor, and an argument or discussion breaks out in us about what we should or must do.

It gets complicated and sometimes frustrating. Our advisor mostly thinks about situations, and makes plans.

Our advisor is not our friend sometimes, and sometimes can be unkind, cruel and dangerous, giving us advise that we must follow. We set out on dangerous and harmful discoveries. Other people advise us not to go that way, but we still do.

Other times, our advisors work well, and give us friendly support, focus, drive, ambition and creativity. We set out on relatively safe, and enjoyable journeys, discovering new good things out there, and about ourselves.

What sort of advisor do you carry with you? Is it mostly helpful or unhelpful to you?

What other advisors do you have? Friends, family, famous people, spiritual or religious figures, a political cause?