Asssessment and results on chosen questionnaire

How you have been feeling in the past month Not trueSomewhat trueTrue
I felt miserable and unhappy
I didn't enjoy anything at all
I was less hungry than usual
I ate more than usual
I felt so tired I just sat around and did nothing
I was moving and walking more slowly than usual
I was very restless
I felt I was no good any more
I blamed myself for things that were not my fault
It was hard for me to make up my mind
I felt grumpy and irritable with my parents
I felt like talking less than normal
I was talking more slowly than usual
I cried a lot
I thought there was nothing good for me in the future
I thought that life was not worth living
I thought about death or dying
I thought my family would be better off without me
I thought about killing myself
I did not want to see my friends
I found it hard to think properly or concentrate
I thought that bad things would happen to me
I hated myself
I thought I was a bad person
I thought I looked ugly
I worried about aches and pains
I felt really lonely
I thought no one loved me
I did not have any fun at school
I thought I could never be as good as the other kids
I did everything wrong
I did not sleep as well as I usually sleep
I slept a lot more than usual
I was not as happy as usual, even when I was praised or rewarded