Asssessment and results on chosen questionnaire

Read the questions carefully and mark your reply True or not NoYes
I have trouble making up my mind.
I get nervous when things do not go the right way for me.
Others seem to do things easier than I can.
I like everyone I know.
Often I have trouble getting my breath.
I worry a lot of the time.
I am afraid of a lot of things.
I am always kind.
I get mad easily.
I worry about what my parents will say to me.
I feel that others do not like the way I do things.
I always have good manners.
It is hard for me to get to sleep at night.
I worry about what other people think about me.
I feel alone even when there are people with me.
I am always good.
Often I feel sick in the stomach.
My feelings get hurt easily.
My hands feel sweaty.
I am always nice to everyone.
I am tired a lot.
I worry about what is going to happen.
Other children are happier than I am.
I tell the truth every single time.
I have bad dreams.
My feelings get hurt easily when I am fussed at.
I feel someone will tell me I do things the wrong way.
I never get angry.
I wake up scared some of the time.
I worry when I go to bed at night.
It is hard for me to keep my mind on my schoolwork.
I never say things that I should not.
I wriggle in my seat a lot.
I am nervous.
A lot of people are against me.
I never lie.
I often worry about something bad happening to me.