Self-help introduction


Discovering: Courage

To take action and find out things even when the result is not what we hoped for. Discovering needs a bit of curiosity and sometimes courage. Any part of life needs some drive and discovery; speaking up in class, trying out a new game, learning a new skill. Trying, finding out, and then trying again a different way. We would not learn to walk, ride a bike, or speak if we were not willing to try it out. A bit of fun, humour and support helps.

What do you wish to discover about yourself and the world you live in?

What or who makes you curious, what or who interests you? You may want to widen your view.

If you are anxious, depressed, angry, too excitable or all of these, then you may want to discover different ways of living, different rules, different relationships.

Discovering needs resources. You would not go on a trip down a jungle river, or climb a mountain without food, water, shelter and other people. You also need advice. This is where the advisor part of you shows up. Your advisor may give good or bad advice.