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DNA-V model

DNA-V stands for Discover, Notice, Advise and values. It is a model both to discover ways to flourish and be well in life, as well as dealing with troubles and difficulties.

DNA-V is based on acceptance and commitment therapy or training (ACT). This is an approach that is used for all sorts of problems, whether mild or severe. There is research that shows it is as good as other therapies or coaching methods. ACT is used in elite sports, in business and in physical and mental health conditions. DNA-V was developed particularly for young people. There are other models of ACT, brief ACT, the ACT matrix, and the triflex model (open, aware, and engaged). All these models map onto the original ACT model called the hexaflex. If you are a professional and find yourself here, here is a link to a collection of information.

This is the link to the DNA-V website, whatever your status, you will find something here, including videos and visual materials. DNA-V model

DNA-V is being used in primary schools too. DNA-V primary schools