Self-help introduction

Finding out more about who and what matters most to you

Starting out

This is not a website about specific conditions like panic disorder. Most health sites are condition focused and some of the questionnaires on this site will give you results about conditions. You can find good websites and information about conditions on the links page.

Here you will find more of an overall way to work through whatever has brought you here, using a blend of DNA-V, and some others ways, particularly kindness, and problem solving. DNA-V is an approach to navigate through life, guided by values.

The model involves understanding our programming, what we are designed to do as humans; keep ourselves and others safe, find food, share and care for ourselves and others, and reproduce. Strong emotions drive us; pain, hunger, desire, fear, joy, excitement, want, connection, worry, sadness, loss.

It may be that strong emotions have brought you here.

Self-help works best when done with others, friends, family, a professional, coach or therapist. If you go it alone, you will need to encourage yourself, and have good notitcing skills.

Self-help may not be enough when problems are severe, or complex, or the situation is vey risky or not supportive. Getting more help may be needed. If this is you, we would advise you speak to someone you trust, and seek professional advice using your advising skills. If you think medication may be worth trying, again, look into this using your discovering and advising skills.

To find out more visit each page. In each area you can explore and do as much or as little as you wish.

The pdf is from the original There is some exercises here that map onto the DNA-V model. Some of them don't but may be useful anyway.