Self-help introduction


Valuing: our signposts

We are all different: size, shape, culture, ability and interests. We have different values, and we need a mix of people and values to survive and flourish. We need perfectionists, and risk takers, quiet people as much as party people. We need people good at sports as much as people good at other things. We need followers and leaders.

Values change as we develop, though our core values and interests are often present from early life age. Understanding our values give us direction and signposts in life. They are always there, even in difficult times. Values can help us get back on track. They are what interest us and drive us along. Goals may be thwarted, on not achievable, but our values can always be followed if we so choose.

What or who is important to you in your life? Has it always been so?

What sort of person are you? Kind, friendly, competitive, studious, ambitious?

Defining our values needs a bit of all three of DNA, discovering, noticing and advising ourselves. Taking time to know your own values takes a while.

There are many different ways of finding out more about values. If you want to, try some of them out, and re-visit your values often. They are there to guide you throughout your life.

You will find a full values exercise on the assessment page which will take about 10 minutes. Or you find the exercise on this link.
You may prefer to reflect on who you are, your journey in life so far, and where you are heading. Take a few moments to map out your journey. The retracking booklet may help (section A, 12 pages in all). Talk to someone you can trust and, as needed, break this down into 5 to 10 minute chunks of time.